The i8 has been welcomed by the automotive press as a hybrid revelation. But apparently we haven’t seen anything yet.

Our sources are now confirming what we’ve previously reported as rumor. The BMW board officially approved a new halo car for BMW in the i9. The car is being planned for spring 2016, to coincide with BMW’s centenary celebrations.

According to these same sources the i9 will make use of the i8 carbonfiber tub as its basis. Reusing the structure and other off-the-shelf parts will allow BMW to rapidly develop the car for a 2016 on-sale date. The hybrid unit will remain virtually identical in design but with a more powerful electric motor and a new petrol powered inline six at its heart. Producing likely over 500 hp combined, the revised power-plant will help make the i9 likely the fastest BMW created to date.

The same inline six is set to debut in the new 7 Series early next year and ultimately make its way throughout the BMW line-up.

Outside of the new i9, BMWi will be extending it’s line-up in the coming years with the i5 sedan and extended wheelbase i3.

Look for the first prototype photos to show-up late this year and early next as BMW quickly ratchets up development of the new supercar.