With motorcycles becoming no less sophisticated than automobiles, the manufacturing process has advanced to match. In this official look inside BMW’s Berlin-based motorcycle manufacturing facility, we get an overview of key moments in production. From component machinining, to frame assembly, to engine assembly, to paint work and final assembly — this peak into how machines like the R1200GS come together is an interesting moment in the life of a BMW motorcycle. Of particular interest is a few glimpses of the new R1200RS being put together (look for the white and blue).

While some BMW Motorrad engines are produced off-site in plants in Austria and Asia, BMW produces all of its motorcycles here at their Berlin Plant. With an ever more diverse product lineup, this underscores BMW’s rather interesting place in the market. Honda, for example, has plants all over the world, including dedicated facilities in America just to produce models like the Goldwing. For BMW to produce its wide range of models all in one place is pretty remarkable.

Looking inside the BMW facility in this video, we see a lot of familiar sophistication. Even though the final vehicle is 1/4 the size of even the MINI, we still see precision manufacturing methodologies and details like the body panel finish being handled with just as much care and quality as any 7-Series coming out of BMW Plant Dingolfing.

For a deeper look inside BMW’s Motorrad manufacturing facility, take a look at the BMW Plant Berlin website.