Thanks to a crafty Bimmerpost forum member we’ve had an excellent look at future BMWs. Going through some backdoors he’s been able to gain some incredible insight into not just the pipeline of products but the options and configurations they’ll have. However recently BMW gotten wind of this and has closed a couple of backdoors disabling access to much of the information. Luckily for us he’s recently managed to get just enough data to paint a pretty interesting picture of the technology to come for BMWs over the next 18-24 months.

First lets take a look at the raw list of options he’s referenced in internal documents.

– 5AS BMW laser lights (G11 7 Series and i8)
– 2VS active comfort drive with camera (G11 7 Series)
– 6U9 BMW touch command (G11 7 Series)
– 5AV active guard (G11 7 Series and X7)
– 407 panorama glass roof “sky lounge” (G11 7 Series)
– 6WD wifi hotspot
– 3DS BMW display key (available on the i8 and G11 7 Series)
– 3KA acoustic comfort windows
– 4HB heat comfort package, front
– 4HC heat comfort package
– 443 LED flashing warning light blue/yellow
– 4VC inductive charging
– 4VD preparation, inductive charging
– 4F5 executive lounge rear console (G11 7 Series and X7)
– 4FH climate comfort seats (G11 7 Series and X7)
– 6FR rear entertainment experience (G11 7 Series and X7)
– 5A1 side view assist (G11 7 Series)
– 4HA seat heating, front and rear
– 5DM parking assistant (working name)
– 5DN parking assistant plus (working name)
– 5H1 range extender (working name)
– 6NP USA telephony
– 4F4 executive lounge seating (G11 7 Series and X7)
– 3CL welcome light carpet (G11 7 Series and X7)
– 6AG e-drive services
– 6U8 BMW gesture control (G11 7 Series and X7)
– 3CM leather engine cover

The G11 7 Series


As you can see the 7 Series makes up the bulk of the new options or at least where they’ll debut. On top of these options we also expect wireless phone charging and automatic parking with remote that BMW recently previewed.

The F30 3 Series LCI


The LCI of the F30 will debut next year and will also include a few new key options. While the big story will be new engines (specifically four cylinders) we also expect the LCI to introduce optional LED lights, selective headlight beams and a mild visual refresh of the bumpers. Look for the 328i, 330i and 340i to debut around the middle of the year.

The G30 5 Series


The new 5 Series will likely get more of the 7 Series technology when it debuts in 2016. Expect things like the new touch interface iDrive, inductive charging and potentially even laser lights. Engines should be similar to the F30 LCI with the B48 four cylinder power 530i offering an entry level for the range. From there expect the 540i, 550i and 540d to round out the range.