The rumor started to spread a couple of weeks ago, was more insistent last night on the web, and became unfortunately official earlier today. The BBC recently announced that Jeremy Clarkson will no longer host Top Gear moving forward. This is a sad day for all fans of Top Gear UK, but is it really?

Skimming through our Twitter stream, the sentiment around Clarkson’s dismissal is clearly mixed. Many people are sad to see him go and believe the BBC made a mistake. Many others think Jezza got what he deserved after many controversial stories and outbursts over his Top Gear career.

As far as BimmerFile is concerned, losing Clarkson, and quite possibly the rest of the Top Gear team, is a definite blow. I came late to Top Gear fan-dom and discovered the show when it was already highly popular in 2009. Watching it for the first time, and comparing it to the car shows I grew up with in France, was like receiving a fresh glass of water in hell. However, being fans of Top Gear doesn’t mean being blindsided, and we’ve strongly condemned Clarkson’s dangerous slip-ups over the years. As Captain Slow likes to say, “Jeremy can be a real knob sometimes.”

A great era has come to a sad end but it’s probably for the best. Looking back, the show has lost some of its greatness over the past two seasons, and a number of sequences have started to become repetitive and barely funny. This is somehow expected for such a long-running show which is why this break will do the team some good. We call it a break because given the huge following Clarkson, Hammond and May have accumulated, we wouldn’t be surprised if they came back to our screens sooner rather than later.

The ball is in your camp, Netflix.