According to super source Scott26 the next BMWi product will likely be a four door interpretation of a BMW Sedan. Here’s the man himself with the rumored details:

bmwi i5

>Conceptual work is underway to provide a first look at how BMW sees the Sport Sedan progress for the future with the first appearance in concept form being the highlight of the 100th Centenary of BMW in 2016 where all BMW and BMW sub-Brands will celebrate in their own way.

>The new vehicle owes much to the original Vision EfficientDynamics concept car in that it packages itself for four passengers with a longer wheelbase. Since the car is in the conceptual stage many ideas are in flow. Such as a single winged door exactly like Vision EfficientDynamics and BMW i3 type reverse hinged doors to access the passenger cell and also continue the visual surprise within each BMW i vehicle.

>The exterior design progresses the BMW i design language to ensure the car stands out very much like the i3 and i8 as if they are from another world or a time in the future with similar aerodynamics. The vehicle is much more than just a four door i8. It has to form its own visual to allow the BMW i philosophy of strict individuality to be the anomaly.

>Since the new vehicle will be a concept car with the production model aiming for launch by 2020. The Carbon Age will progress with a BMW i3 type Carbon Structure on an aluminium chassis. Other Lightweight materials will also be used to have the car at a very significant weight.

>BMW like to think of the new concept as not just a new BMW i model but also a window into the future of BMW to potentially introduce the 3er in the same genetics in not the next life cycle (G20) but the next at around 2025.

>The model will be eDrive with plug-in Hybrid but using the Power eDrive philosophy allowing exceptional performance with fuel efficiency.
A similar drivetrain will be introduced in 2016 both use a Four Cylinder engine combined with electric drivetrain.

>The new concept will make the most of the developments of BMWs ConnectedDrive Features including autonomous technology in which BMW are testing in the i8 now as well as the latest in vehicle charging including inductive charging.

>First and foremost it’s a concept but will be shown in certain phases as it makes its way to production after initial introduction and reaction.

What do you think BMWi needs next? A sedan seems to be the next missing link but will it be confused with the plugin hybrid versions of the 3 and 5 series?