Scott26 is well known in the BMW community as being the number one BMW insider. There are plenty of guesses regarding what position he holds within the Group, but one thing is for sure, his information is very accurate and most welcome during long waits between product announcements. For your reading pleasure, we thought it would be a good idea to quote all his comments this week in one central location. If you want the live feed, don’t hesitate to visit [Bimmerpost](

On MotorAuthority [Bashing](…y-design-motif) the 3.0 CSL Hommage:
>Wow what a hated and biased article. It had its usual BMW hate shopping list namely Bangle. It has become taboo to blame Bangle for everything when he was just doing his job to great success as it drove sales up to which there was no great loss as result of media feedback as the good thing about participating in a global market is that what does not work in one market could work in about 5-10 others. Please pray that some of you did not respond to that piece of nonsense because Bangle did have a hand in many of the cars mentioned in the comments that individuals think they have a Bangle-Free car.

On an [alternative rendering]( of the 3.0 CSL Hommage:
>Awful. Too generic.

On the unveiling of the 3.0 CSL Hommage:
>With people seem to be going off on the design here is some forthcoming facts you should be aware of.
>The Concept shows some interesting movements within BMW design. If we start at the front of the car and if we include the Vision Future Luxury also. We see the start of a new trend that enters with the incoming new 7er – The L-shaped headlight and although we will see the feature become more angular with the next 5er and eventually the 3er it indicates all core models will feature L-Shaped headlights. The Concept shows the direction for the Coupe models with the reverse L shape headlight.
Many years ago we prepared you for the three dimensional kidney grille which is prominent on many BMW models today. Now we have to prepare you for the larger kidney grille introduced with the Vision Future Luxury. Such a grille will be a feature of the new BMW X7.
And as engines become sophisticated they will need more cooling and one potential move is to enlarge the kidney grille which will be seen on future models.
>But the idea is also to create more hardcore versions of its current M models especially in Coupe format. The first BMW M3 CSL was criticised for being just a standard M3 and the M3 GTS was criticised for being an M3 with an aftermarket spoiler, even though their understated ness illustrated they were far from regular.
>The concept is to show an internal idea on mixing the past philosophy of CSL with today’s advancement in materials to revive the lucrative CSL insignia for the ultimate M models.
Which means that the cars will be more definitive than their standard versions even more. The first example to take the exclusive road will be the all new BMW M4 GTS which will be shown as a preview concept at Pebble Beach in August.
>Essentially the M4 GTS will be a production model of the BMW M4 Safety Car which was the M4 GTS “Concept”. In 2016 BMW M will provide its first look at concepts of two models which will wear the CSL badge as well as more pronounced bodywork, Efficiency technology and lightweight features to illustrate exciting and lucrative possibilities for progressive performance.

On the public response to the 3.0 CSL Hommage:

It’s absolutely perfect. It also illustrates ideas for a very special M edition model in the planning emphasizing nostalgia with performance and lightweight materials.

You need to get familiar with the large grille as this car has shades of the BMW G20 especially in its front end. Look at how the headlights follow the same evolutionary style as the F30.

Remember it’s a Homage and therefore something that shows respect to its original idea but progressed to today’s requirements in regards to aerodynamics, design and technology in order to bring forth a modern reinterpretation of an original concept but to today’s standards. It also shows how lucrative “CSL” is for BMW and how the company intended to use the legendary badge to identify the absolute pinnacle of performance and materials.

On the lack of vivid colors for the M2:
>We may see an M2 model in Golf Yellow.

On the public debut of the M2:
>No we have the Cannes Preview for the new BMW 7er. As well as the Villa d’este. No M2 yet, it’s not time.

On a rumored M3 Touring:
>Well, I have not heard or seen anything regarding an F31 based 3er Touring as of yet.

I would love an F11 M5 Touring as well as a G81 M5 Touring as I currently still own the E61 M5 Touring which is still like new. It depends on the business plan. Whilst the super fast Touring’s for the M5 and M3 would be more inclined for Europe the global perspective would be for the SUV variants. And it would be these markets that have the largest voice.

>Even though the Mercedes E-Klasse is the definitive premium wagon model in the US it is suffering the same lack of interest as the BMW 3er Touring. And again the answer is Americans do not want wagons, they want SUVs, which is why they have shifted focus to the new GLE models.
It’s also why the upcoming GLC is a higher priority than a C-Klasse T-Modell. Now that Mercedes have expanded their SUVS line-up I have heard the next generation like BMW is another US casualty because of increasing demand for SUV models which Mercedes have expanded just as BMW have done to reflect customer demand.
>You may mock the 5er Gran Turismo but is it really a failure if its sales years indicates they sold more units than the previous 5er Touring each year it was on sale? The 3er Gran Turismo outsells the 3er Touring in North America as does the BMW X1. Expect more focus on the F48 when the new X1 is launched and all the more reason for the announcement of the BMW X2.