The M4 GTS is more than double the MSRP of the standard M4 and is even $4k more than the Porsche GT3. But somehow we’re still smiling. Because BMW has managed (for the first time) to bring a limited edition hardcore M car to its largest market for the first time (if you forget about the E36 M3 Lightweight). BMW may not have the experience that Porsche has with bringing limited edition track focused models to the US market but it’s clearly learning quickly.

The new M4 GTS puts out 493 hp thanks to an innovative water injection system that creates a more linear power curve than the stock car. This power increase coupled with a coil-over suspension, DCT software tweaks and other changes propels the car to a 7:28 time around the famed Nürburgring-Nordschleife. To put things in perspective that’s a full 24 seconds faster than the stock M4 – an eternity at the track. Is that worth double the asking price? We think BMW will find enough takers that that question will quickly be irrelevant.

BMW will produce a total of 700 units of the GTS with (incredibly) 300 coming to the US market. The official on-sale date should be sometime in the spring of 2016.