Last week we mentioned BMW was working on revisions to the i3 including more range and a true sport package that included a revised suspension. This week Autocar has further confirmed those rumors with its own report of a range increase. It’s a report that lines up well with what we had heard.

Given costs associated with modifying the structure of the carbon and aluminum chassis BMW has been focusing on getting more range out of the same battery footprint. Reportedly they’ve solved that through increasing the power density of the lithium ion battery extending the i3’s range well over 124 miles (200 km). In other terms that’s a 35% increase in range for the pure electric i3. Something in our recent time with the car is sorely needed. The i3 with the range extender will also get this improved tech. Autocar reports that BMW is prepping the new battery to be available as a retrofit but that option might not make it to then US.

BMW is also planning on other improvements to the i3 which could debut along side the extended range as part of an LCI or at a later date. Interior trim changes along with additional exterior colors are rumored. But what is particularly interesting to us is the rumored sport suspension option derived from the Japanese market i3. The suspension could form the basis for a true sport package that would help increase stability on the highway as well as stiffen up cornering.

Look for updates to the i3 to begin as soon as March production or as late as the 2017 model year (September production).