Last Friday was a special day at BMW Welt as a lucky customer collected the 150,000th car to be handed over since BMW Welt was opened in 2007. The new owners, Shannon and Jared Lantzy, made the journey all the way from Silver Spring in Maryland, USA, especially to pick up their BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon. Following the actual handover the couple were given exciting insights into the BMW Group on an exclusive tour of the BMW plant and BMW Welt.

Off to the States

Buying a new car is always something special, and handover at BMW Welt makes this even more special. So special that it is appreciated by customers throughout the world, including Shannon and Jared Lantzy who collected the 150,000th vehicle to be presented on the Premier stage at BMW Welt. There to greet them was Oliver Rademacher, Head of Visitor Center, Vehicle Delivery at BMW Welt, and several employees holding up huge numbers to show “150,000”. The visibly moved guests from the USA thanked everyone for putting on such a great show.

Oliver Rademacher was delighted to have given them such an unforgettable day: “In only eight years we have handed over 150,000 vehicles personally to their new owners. We have created an exceptional experience for customers from all over the world. Collecting a new car is and always will be a unique moment, so we are keen to stage it properly.”
Straight after being given the keys to their new car, the 35 year old consultant and her husband were treated to a special tour of the BMW plant where they had an exclusive look behind the scenes.

A real highlight

Vehicle collection is one of the central functions of BMW Welt. The architecture of BMW Welt was designed to make the initial contact with the new vehicle on the Premier stage an unforgettable experience.

This year, this location with its individual offer has been the perfect setting for a number of special celebrations. In September a driving instructor from Bavaria took possession of the ten millionth BMW 3 Series sedan; and the first model in the new luxury BMW 7 Series was handed over to its new owner at the end of October. “Luxury 7” was developed as an exclusive handover process for a target group for whom service and individuality are so important.

In 2015 more than 22,000 vehicles were collected, and every day between 80 and 120 handovers, and sometimes as many as 160, can take place on the Premiere stage above the display area. The culmination of the handover process is when the customer drives the new car off the Premier ramp and out onto the streets of Munich.

European delivery attracts customers from all over the world

Designed specifically for customers from the USA and Canada, the “European Delivery” package turns buying a car into a perfectly staged experience. Customers drive off in their brand new BMW to discover the most beautiful cities in Europe. In 2015 BMW Welt welcomed numerous customers from every corner of the globe, including a group of 35 Canadians who crossed six countries in six days, covering more than 1,000 kilometers. And at the end of these unforgettable road trips the BMW Group organizes shipment of the vehicle to the customer’s home country.