We have mixed feelings when it comes to comparing car via lap times. For one it’s not a great comparison for those who drive their cars primarily (or only) on the street. Nevertheless we’re inundated with one track’s times year after year – the Nurburgring Nordschleife. However the ‘Ring is insane and so far beyond any other track in the world it’s not always the best judge. Just dow the Autobahn Germany’s Hockenheim (the short circuit) may actually offer a better judge give that it’s a technical track with more a more typical layout.

Because of this we’re big fans of using its published track times over the ‘Ring.

Which brings us to the newest number on the list. The BMW M2 just delivered a blistering time beating out the a number of supposedly faster BMWs in the process:

  • BMW M3 E92 GTS —————————————— 1:12.50 (DCT)
  • BMW M4 F82 —————————————— 1:12.80 (DCT)
  • BMW M5 F10 Competition Package —————————————— 1:12.80 (DCT)
  • BMW M3 F80 —————————————— 1:13.10
  • BMW M2 —————————————— 1:13.2 min (DCT)
  • BMW E46 M3 CSL —————————————— 1:13.5 min (SMG / Cup tires)
  • BMW E90 M3 CRT —————————————— 1:13.6 (DCT)
  • BMW 1M —— ————————————– 1:14.1 min (manual)
  • BMW M3 V8 E92 ————————————– 1:14.3 min (DCT / R compound tires)
  • BMW M6 ————————————————– 1:14.4 min (SMG)
  • BMW M3 V8 E90 ————————————– 1:14.6 min (DCT / R compound tires)
  • Alpina B6 S —————————————- 1:14.8 min
  • BMW M3 E46 ———————————————- 1:16.3 min
  • BMW M5 E60 ——————————————— 1:16.5 min
  • BMW Z4 M Roadster ———————————– 1:16.7 min
  • BMW sDrive 35i Roadster ———————————– 1:16.6 min
  • BMW 335i E90, facelift ————————————– 1:17.0 min
  • BMW Z4M Coupe ——————————————— 1:17.2 min
  • BMW 135i ————————————————— 1:17.4 min
  • BMW M5 E39 ———————————————— 1:17.6 min

One comparison we can’t help but notice is the 1M. The M2 beat out the 1M’s time by a full second likely due to big increase in grip levels of mid-range torque.