One of the more interesting nuggets from BMW’s 100 birthday celebration this month was the announcement that they’d be expanding the range of models. And for BimmerFile readers the news that’s most interesting is the expansion of the M range of cars.

Here’s the official statement:

The BMW M brand will strive to continue its 40-year-long success story with its range of highly emotional and coveted vehicles. Since it was founded in 1972, the legendary M GmbH has been a pioneer in high-performance vehicles, producing vehicles which offer unparalleled performance, agility precision and the presence to own the road. While the legendary M1 (1978) remains unforgotten, the latest addition to the fold, the BMW M2, is currently impressing both press and public with its superb driving dynamics and superior performance, broadening the BMW M product range in a segment that is currently growing strongly. A Further expansion of the M product range is already being planned. Furthermore, the BMW Group intends to expand its range of powerful M Performance models within the higher volume segments, with a view to capitalising on the growth and earnings potential of the BMW M brand.

We know where this leads. The M range will expand with the next generation X3M and X4M due to in the next 2-3 years.

Several of our sources have been chattering about them for awhile but now we’ve heard further confirmation BMW is proceeding with plans and will be code naming the cars (in modern M tradition) F97 and F98.

With the next generation X3 hitting the market next year undoubtedly we expect the new M version to be based on new G01 version. Said to be lighter than the current X3, the G01 will also offer a stiffer and more capable chassis for further M development.

While there are some rumors that point to the X4 M being based on the current car, we expect BMW to look for effeciences in engineering by using the same platform to build both models. Therefore we expect the next generation X4 (like the G01 X3) to be the base of the X4 M.

We also expect M to broaden the range of M Performance models with something in 3 and or 4 series range finally being offered.

What about the broader BMW arrange expansion? There BMW is referring to one large addition to the showroom. The X7. BMW is a little less coy with this model. Here’s the official excerpt:

After leading the premium segment for more than ten consecutive years, the BMW brand is now poised to strengthen its position on a sustainable basis at the top end of its product portfolio, where rates of return are at their highest. “We will be broadening our model range with the BMW X7,” Krüger said. “We are also taking an in-depth look at the additional potential of this highly attractive segment.”