Not only is BMW preparing to produce the luxurious X7 crossover. It’s secretly planning an even more high-end four seater version of the crossover.


For years sources have told us BMW has long wanted to add an X7 but only if the market could support it. Now it would appear that BMW believes there’s not only a market for one high-end crossover but two thanks to a recent interview with Ian Robertson spoke in the Automotive News. According to the interview “BMW will sell two versions of its new X7 crossover — the already-announced seven-seater and a $100,000-plus four-seater with a distinct look, said brand sales boss Ian Robertson.” This lines up with the rumors of an ultra luxury SUV scheduled for release sometime around 2019. The idea would be to leverage the X7’s development with only a modified body and interior. The results will be a more a longer body with a more luxurious and roomy interior.

It’s worth noting that the new X7 will ride on a modified version of the GKL models (short for Grand Klasse in German) while the forthcoming Rolls Royce Cullinan SUV will will use an aluminum space frame construction.