Official April 1st Release: Watching your baby take their first steps is an exciting milestone and with the launch of BMW’s new, patented xDrive Baby Boots, parents need to look no further for the Ultimate Strolling Device.

Targeted specifically at children and toddlers under three years of age, the BMW xDrive Baby Boots employs BMW xDrive four-wheel drive technology and is the perfect solution for tiny tots looking for maximum stability with zero tumbles. BMW’s unique traction control sole features adaptive rubber which can react in a tenth of a second to varying surfaces and conditions.Whether carpet, ceramic tiles or varnished wood, the BMW xDrive Baby Boots enable perfect weight distribution and maximum safety.

Joss Fülin, Head of Product Fabrication, spoke passionately about the latest lifestyle addition: “BMW entered the all-wheel drive segment more than three decades ago, and although this specific technology is still in its infancy, we see potential in the baby footwear category as a growing segment. The BMW xDrive Baby Boots provide the perfect combination of practicality and maximum walking pleasure.”

If you’d like to know more about the BMW xDrive Baby Boots, which are also available in pink, please contact our Head of Product Fabrication, or call 0800 093 61 61.