Official Release: Future Mobility is the way we will transport ourselves in the future by significantly increasing range, speed and acceleration of the journeys while at the same time reducing cost and environmental damage. The 21st century brought us strong regulations and limitations for transportation alongside a never seen transparency and awareness of global change due to environmental pollution. This change forced major automotive players to rethink the tradition of private car ownership and created space for innovations by companies that are not traditionally associated with transportation. Development and change is already happening today in car sharing, space travel, high speed transportation, self-driving / electric cars, unmanned vehicles and in many more of our future life areas.

Join us live on You Tube on June 23rd 2016, 7.30 pm(CET) to get an insight into the projects that will change our lives forever – some in the development stage and others just about to be launched. We have invited leading international experts from this sector to talk on the subject.