The i8 is an outstanding achievement in engineering. But what if it were 100% electric? As the Tesla Model S P85D showed us lat year, that could mean very good things. But one of the issues with the high performance Tesla is the way the power winds up near redline. Or more specifically how it doesn’t. BMW aims to fix that according to Autocar:

“BMW has a great history of high-revving combustion engines,” said an insider source. “We’re looking to take this tradition into the electric car arena with electric motors that rev far higher than those seen in production today.”

Great right? What about weight?

Despite the inclusion of a larger battery, sources suggest the proposed i8 prototype will not weigh more than the production version of the current i8, which tips the scales at 1485kg and possess a range of more than 249 miles.

It’s a fascinating idea. A full electric sports car with quick revving electric engine and a high redline. If they can nail range, keep the weight down and somehow allow for quicker charging BMW may have something pretty interesting in store for us in a few years.

You can read more at Autocar.