From famed BMW tipster Georg Kacher comes this nugget. According to Mr. Kacher (via Automobile Magazine), the increasing performance of V6s have led to a drop in demand for traditional V8s. Instead of spending the money to develop their own based off of the new Ingenium I-4 architecture, JLR will reportedly use an engine heavily based off of the upcoming BMW 4.0L twin turbo V8. That new BMW V8 is said to be leaner with more power and torque while delivering better economy. We’d expect power outputs ranging from 450 to over 600 hp in a number of applications.

When is it all going down? Given that the announcement hasn’t been made we’d expect there’s still some negotiating underway. Assuming the rumor is correct (which is still an assumption) and both parties agree to terms, we’d expect the new engine to find its way into the next generation large Jaguar first (the XJ) and Range Rover. Ultimately as car enthusiasts we’d love to see it filter down into the gorgeous F-type or its replacement.