There it was. Driving on a restricted portion of the autobahn the 2018 BMW X3 was unmistakeable. Such is its similarity to the current X3 in shape that I could spot it 1/8 of a mile away as an X3. So we crept up and got close. The details show a car that is very much an evolution of the current X3. There are hints of the current generation X5 in the side creases and clearly an evolution of the X design themes in the bumper. But otherwise it looks like a slightly larger and more grownup version of the current X3 we all know.

Then as soon as we hit the unrestricted section of the Autobahn I heard the roar of a turbocharged inline six take the X3 from 90 MPH to around 140 at a rapid pace. Yes the 2018 X3 with the turbocharged inline will be plenty fast.


Also seen in several photos is the updated connected drive module integrated into the windshield. Two sensors are visible (as opposed to the one currently offered) which could point to more advanced autonomous driving modes similar to the current 7 Series.

The G01 X3 will shed weight (rumored to be around 200 lbs) increasing performance and efficiency thanks to the new CLAR modular architecture. Look for the X3 to commence production in August of 2017 in BMW’s Spartanburg plant.