In just over two years you will be able to buy an electric X3 and MINI. According to a Bloomberg interview with BMW Chief Executive Officer Harald Krueger specifics like range and cost haven’t been defined for either the MINI or the X3 at this time.

While this news is expected, it’s still interesting to see the apparent urgency in the announcement. The BMW board didn’t attend the ongoing Paris Motorshow to deliberate on this issue.


The MINI’s chassis, design and the drivetrain specifics are unknown at this time but given the 2019 timeframe BMW should have answers for those questions soon. Which means we should have answers for you as well. The X3 seems fairly straightforward as we’d expect it to leverage the new electric friendly chassis that’s debuting next year (in fuel form).

What do you think about the idea of Ana electric MINI and X3? Would you be interested in making the move to all electric?