The 2017 BMW 5 series technical specification are there and there’s a lot here to digest. Yes the new 5 series is lighter – over 100 lbs in all configurations. We can thank carbon fiber and aluminum construction for adding lightness to a car with more technology and more size than what came before it. Downside? It’s more front heavy at 52.2/47.8 vs 49.6/50.4. It’s also pretty big – now barely short than the E65 7 Series form ten years ago.

Gone is the manual transmission as well. While we expect it to be available in some configurations in Europe, BMW of North America has no plans to offer a manual on any configuration of the 5 Series.

Then there’s the new electromechanical anti-roll stabilization which could prove to be more of an enthusiasts friend than the often harsh electronically adjustable shocks.

And those are just the highlights. Read on for the full details.