There’s a great thread on BimmerPost detailing production (and LCI) plans for many BMW models over the next 12 months. Perhaps the most interesting thing it shows is timing for the LCI on various models. Here’s a sampling:

  • The 60Ah i3 ends production early, signifying it is going out of production permanently, leaving just the new 94Ah and 94Ah REx models.

  • The 2017 2 Series and M2 end production in June 2017. This is a firm indication that the LCI will begin production in July of 2017 (as a MY2018)

  • The 2017 4 Series and M4 (and M3) end production in February 2017. Interesting this doesn’t mean there will be an LCI introduced in March. Instead there will be a four month gap in production and the LCI will begin being produced in July 2017 .

BTW it’s worth nothing that, while most recent LCIs have been little more than eye candy, there’s good evidence that the M2’s will be legendary.