Alpina continues to push the envolope in terms of performance and luxury with each release. The new G30 based B5 is debuting with a staggering 608 hp and 590 ft lbs of torque.

All that power coming from the 4.4L V8 takes the car to 60 in just 3.5 seconds making it the fastest Alpina ever. Best part? It comes in both sedan and wagon form.

Alpina B5

Will these make it to the US? Unfortunately its highly unlikely for the sedan and totally undoable for the wagon. Alpina CEO Andreas Bovensiepen recently told us that the cost of importing these cars to the US is such that the 6 Series Gran Coupe and 7 Series are the only two price points that currently make sense. He’d love to see more Alpina cars in the US but as a small manufacturer they’re being conservative as they continue to grow the US presence.

In the mean time feast your eyes on those 20 spoke 20″ wheels and that gorgeous Alpina blue.