40 years ago BMW became the first carmaker to offer drivers the chance to hone their skills at the wheel, and it has continued to do so ever since. In 2011, what began as a “driving school” was repackaged under the “BMW and MINI Driving Experience” banner to serve up driving experiences of a very special variety. From drifting on ice and snow and the pursuit of the ideal line on the race track all the way to tours through picturesque landscapes – the BMW and MINI Driving Experience offers a broad spread of training courses to suit novices and advanced drivers alike. The basic idea behind the courses has remained the same for the last 40 years: learning how to work effectively with the car in a wide range of – sometimes critical – driving situations will allow participants to go beyond their daily driving with well-trained skills and supervision.


The BMW and MINI Driving Experience offers a broad spread of training courses to suit novices and advanced drivers alike. As well as the diverse range of courses in the latest BMW cars, MINI training courses and courses for motorcyclists are also available. BMW Customised Experience also offers the opportunity to put together a tailored individual event from the complete range of cars, venues and training content.

The BMW and MINI Driving Experience is split into the following elements:

  • BMW Driving Experience
  • BMW Safety Experience: Driver safety training courses – also for novice drivers.
  • BMW i Experience: Training courses with the BMW i cars BMW i3 and BMW i8.
  • BMW M Experience: Race track and drift training courses with BMW M cars.
  • BMW Snow and Ice Experience: Snow and ice training courses in Austria and Sweden.
  • BMW Tour Experience: Exclusive trips through Namibia and South Africa in the BMW X5.
  • BMW Professional Driver Experience: Specialist driver training courses for professional drivers.
  • BMW Riding Experience
  • BMW On Road Experience: Driver training courses for street bikes
  • MINI Driving Experience
  • Driver training courses in MINI cars
  • BMW Customised Experience (incl. Personal Coaching)
  • Corporate events, incentives, tours or personal coaching tailored to individual customer requirements.

Instructor Training.

Prospective BMW and MINI Driving Experience instructors first have to complete an extensive part-time training programme, for which there is a rigorous selection process. After all, the demands on qualified instructors will be high. In addition to technical knowledge, high levels of driving skill and experience in handling the products of the BMW Group, the aspiring instructors must also have the necessary personal skills for efficient communication of their expertise. Participants in the instructor training programme are therefore familiarised in detail with the educational and instructive philosophy behind the training courses and tours. They learn how to identify the individual strengths and weaknesses of course participants and how to ensure a successful learning outcome as effectively as possible.


BMW currently offers active driving programmes in over 30 countries on five continents. BMW M supports local Driving Experiences around the world by providing training guidelines, as well as the buildings and premises required to create homogenous safety and quality standards for the BMW Driving Experience. In the international BMW Instructor Academy, it has been training its instructors according to global standards since 1997 and putting them through their paces in an intense process. If successful, they receive the official certification “Official Partner of M”. The BMW Driving Experiences in the Netherlands and the USA are currently certified centres of excellence. The Netherlands led the way in 2015, followed by the American BMW Performance Center East in Spartanburg and West in Palm Springs at the beginning of 2017. More BMW Driving Experiences all over the world are currently in the process of being certified.