Automotive News is out with a new article about everything from the 1 Series to the 8 Series and other upcoming product launches. While it’s not necessarily new info, it’s a great recap of what we know is coming. What’s particularly interesting to us is the increasingly pressure that’s being put on BMWNA’s shoulders given the sales decline in the US. That pressure could help make some product decisions that wouldn’t have happened otherwise. Here are some highlights:

The 1 Series Sedan

We all knew it was inevitable. BMWNA has promised us for years that the front wheel drive sedan (which turned out to be branded a 1 Series) was for China only and not destined for these shores. The thought it that BMW could decontent the rear wheel drive 3 Series (in the form of the 320i) and hit the low 30s price point that would make the 1 Series redundant. However given the sales decline of the brand in the US all cards are on the table and BMW may be rethinking it’s US strategy. Because of that we could expect it as soon as 2019.

The 2 Series Coupe and Gran Gran Coupe

Surprise, the 2 Series Coupe will retain its rear wheel drive layout. And Automomtive news reports that the manual option’s death is greatly exaggerated. We’ve heard that the F22 chassis will be heavily tweaked to form the basis of the new Coupe and Convertible and that it will not be part of BMW’s new CLAR platform.

The Gran Coupe however will go front wheel drive and move to the next generation larger UKL platform that also underpins the MINI Clubman, Countryman and X1.

The 3 Series

Bigger, lighter, more powerful and more efficient. Sounds like a broken record but that’s what is coming for the end of 2018. Look for a hybrid and full electric version in 2020. Reports we’ve heard are that both the wagon and the Gran Turismo might be dead for the US. The wagon’s death seems to be certain and will be a tragedy.

Semi-autonomous technology, laser lights and other 7 Series derived technology will filter down.

The 4 Series

Ditto. The one thing that Automotive News mentions is the continuation of the 4 Series Gran Coupe. While we love the car, BMW needs to put some further distance between it and the 3 Series sedan to better position it as a sportier option.

The 5 Series

It’s already out and based on our time with it, really moved the ball forard for BMW in the segment. What is coming is of course the new all M5 which can mov from AWD to RWD at the touch of a button and should offer at least 600 hp.

The 6 Series

The Coupe and Convertible are dead. In their place is the 6 Series Gran Turismo tall wagon that (to our eyes) looks slightly more attractive than the 5GT it replaced.

The 7 Series

Out last year Automotive News expects the its LCI to hit in 2022.

The 8 Series

Longer, lower and wider than the 6 Series, the new 8 Series will move market but follow a similar engine formula. The one exception could be the addition of a V12. Look for it to debut next spring with six and eight cylinder models.

Read more at Automotive News.