Along with the standard X2, BMW took the wraps off of two 2018 BMW X2 M Sport packages today. The first is the standard M Sport finished in a brand new exterior color – Milano Blue Metallic. The color (which looks similar to the now mythical Laguna Seca Blue) is a light metallic that looks especially good when combined with the X2’s low-slung nature. It’s designed for more of a classic M appearance – body colored details that help to visually lower the car. The second is a first for BMW – an M Sport X package that brings together an off-road appearance with M details.

Keep in mind that neither of these are M Sport packages and not a full-fledged M Performance product (much less a full-fledged M car). While BMW has made it clear that they won’t be creating a full-on M car based on the UKL platform anytime soon, we do believe that there will be an M Performance variants of the X1 and X2 in the years ahead. This will likely use the upcoming 300 hp tune of the now ubiquitous B48 engine found in everything from MINIs to the 7 Series hybrid.