Almost 30 years ago BMW entered into one of the most stories supercar collaborations of all time when it designed and built the V12 heart of the Mclarn F1. With rumors circulating all year that BMW was once again planning on partnering with McLaren, hopes were high of a similar level of Supercar success. However if the latest rumors are to be believe, that success won’t come with McLaren.

According to Automobile Magazine, BMW was set to create its own version of type McLaren P1 hypercar. Let’s Automobile tell it:

The idea was to wrap the next-gen McLaren Super Series in BMW bodywork, dress up the cabin accordingly, and develop bespoke cylinder heads for the V-8 engine part of the mild hybrid powertrain. Frank van Meel, head of BMW’s M division, reportedly spent more nights in Woking than in Munich over the summer, but as of now the Anglo-German Ferrari fighter has been parked.

How come? “It’s a great piece of kit,” acknowledged a senior BMW manager. “But we came to the conclusion that it is the wrong car for these fast moving times.” The thinking in Munich now is BMW will go it alone with a car that’s more highly advanced in terms of the electrification of its powertrain.

Interesting there is another another Anglo-German venture that seems on track according to the magazine. Project Jennifer is set to take an iteration of the well known (and loved) S63 V8 and put it under the bonnets of the JLR’s Range Rover division.