Autocar has tested the all new 2019 BMW M5 and have bestowed it with 4.5 stars. According to the magazine it would seem BMWM has carried on the tradition of effortlessly fast four doors with this new M5. Here’s an excerpt.

Does this latest M5, then, have poise? Indeed. But also comfort, and varying degrees of both, owing to the fact that you can choose between all kinds of settings on the car itself. Which is more of an issue, given it effectively means the ultimate driving machine may have to have the ultimate arbiter of dynamics at the wheel.

You can adjust – deep breath – the dampers between three modes, the steering between three modes and the drivetrain between three modes. On top of that, you can tweak the gearshift between three modes via a small rocker on top of the gearlever. There’s no ‘sport’ mode on the gearbox, see, but you can swap between normal shifts, those made a bit earlier in the rev range, or some made later. That’s quite a nice idea.

Then there’s the 4WD system, which you can change from normal 4WD, to sports 4WD, to solely rear-drive; and you can have normal stability control, a reduced level of stability control, or stability control switched off. And you can have any of these in any combination, except rear-drive, which turns the stability control off.

The final verdict?

A tremendous car, at one moment refined and conservative, at another rewarding and poised, with loads of sophisticated hardware, and an even bigger set of massively sophisticated software, controlling its every movement and interaction. Which is still at its best when you turn it all off.