The M2 CSL (which had previously been referred to as the GTS) has been cancelled. That rumor comes from BimmerPost user Gatte references an internal source at BMWM that seems rather legit. What this means is that the team that BMWM had organized to work on the CSL (for a 2019 launch) will be reassigned to other work in the coming weeks.

The good news is that this doesn’t affect the highly anticipated M2 Competition (and or) CS which is in final validation phase ahead of March 2018 production.

What are we losing in the CSL? While the final figures weren’t know we can expect that engineers were working on a car with at least 450 hp and a very focus (ie stripped out) interior.

What’s the deal with the competition package? It’ll be the M2 many of you have been waiting for with a defined S55 (from the M3) and some slight tweaks elsewhere. If there is a CS version of that car look for more power and some lighter curb weight figures.