A front wheel drive M car in the form of a M2 Gran Coupe might be a real thing. BMW is dead set on competing against the front wheel drive Audi A3 and Mercedes A Class in every category. To do this they are creating a sedan and now a four door coupe like sedan off of the UKL platform. And then they’re taking it as far as they can by handing it over to M.

That’s according to Autocar who believes BMW a will drop an inline six (we have serious doubts about that fact) in the front wheel drive sedan creating a M2 Gran Coupe.

We believe that BMW will indeed hand over the front wheel drive 2 Series Gran Coupe to M but the results will be an all wheel drive M240i rather than a full fledged M car. Luckily BMW will also be heavily modifying the current rear wheel drive 2 Series coupe for a true M2 follow up in 2023.