BMW X7 vs the BMW X5 – just how big is this new BMW crossover? That’s the question most of us immediately began asking ourselves as we looked upon that massive front grille. Yes the 2019 BMW X7 is big at 4,813 – 5,370 lbs. While not quite as long as the 7 Series, its volume is unsurpassed in the BMW range. But it’s not the resoundingly bigger brute of a SUV we all expected. Lets take a look at the exact difference over what was once BMW’s largest crossover – the X5.

BMW X7 vs the BMW X5

All measurements compare the new (and largest ever) X5

  • Length: + 9″
  • Wheelbase: + 5.1″
  • Width: – 0.2″
  • Height: + 2.1″
  • Shoulder width (front): Same
  • Shoulder room (front): Same
  • Legroom (front): same
  • Legroom (2nd row): + 0.2″
  • Headroom (front): + 1.1″
  • Headroom (2nd row): + 1.2″
  • Trunk capacity: + 16.9 ct ft
  • Ground clearance: Same

As you can see the width of these two cars are almost identical with the X7 actually being marginally narrower on the outside. However it’s really in the height and length where the X7 maxes out its volume.

Pricing starts at $73,900 for the X7 xDrive40i and $92,600 for X7 xDrive50i and both will arrive in March of 2019. And for the first time for a BMW vehicle, the X7 will be available to pre-order online.