According to Car Magazine The next generation BMW M3 and M4 will come in a variety of forms including a ‘Pure’ rear wheel drive manual version. Rumors point to a revised S58 turbo inline six with approximately 480 hp and 480 lb ft. Perhaps more importantly M is targeting a weight loss of around 140 lbs giving these new generation of M3 and M4 a noticeably better power to weight ratio.

next generation BMW M3 and M4

What about this ‘Pure’ version of the M3? The idea is one that Porsche has perfectly recently with the manual GT3 and even the 911 T. Further selling simplicity with a back-to-basics ethos is something that many BMW fans have been eager for. If BMW can deliver a more engaging experience (initial reviews of the base 3 Series definitely point to that) then we could have something truly special with this model.

Our sources are telling us that the 480 hp figure will be exclusive for the AWD versions of the cars. That would mean the RWD, ‘Pure’ version of the car would have slightly less power but also less weight giving it a similar power to weight ratio. This tweak to power is likely due to the ft lbs limits of the clutch and/or manual transmission.

Car Magazine believes we’ll see both the M3 and M4 in Frankfurt in September of 2019. However that date is a little early according to our sources. Either way there’s a lot to be excited about with this new generation of lighter, more power and potentially more engaging M3 and M4.