We at BimmerFile have waxed poetically about the BMW Sport Wagon for years. The ultimate mix of utility and performance, they’re a better option than crossover and sedans in almost every case. And thanks American’s insatiable desire for crossovers, the last one standing is soon to be dead in the US market.

If you want to special order the last wagon sold in the US – the F31 BMW 3 Series wagon, it’s this month or never. The wagon will go out of production this June.


Filling the gap will be the growing X1, X2 and the X3. That awkward looking 3GT? It’s not only not coming back to the US market but it’s being killed outright by BMW.

As an owners of two BMW wagons over the years (a gorgeous manual sport package equipped E46 and a 535i Sport) this is truly a loss for the brand in the US. While it may not be a loss in terms of volume this could very well drive away longtime customers of the brand with very European (i.e. BMW) sensibilities.