Seven years ago BMW simultaneously released the identically priced 3 Series Wagon and 3 Series GT. The idea was simple – whichever one sold more would continue on in the US market for the next generation. Now both are dead (the wagon going earlier this year). The winner? It turns out the X3 won obliterating both in sales combined.

3 series gt

The 3 GT was never a car we cared for much. While it had great utility it looked ungainly compared to the well proportioned 3er wagon. Good riddance.

It was the 6 Series GT that made a lot more sense to us. Last year when we set out on a cross-country trip in it we weren’t so sure. But after a few thousand miles we handed back the keys totally convinced in its ability to haul in relative style while delivering GT car performance.

2018 BMW Sales

What’s next for BMW? Replacing these cars will be more crossovers of course. Electric ones actually. And with those added models (the 2021 iX3 is first) BMW needed to simplify the lineup a bit.