60,000 pre-orders is a big number. That’s the figure that MINI has publicly announced for its forthcoming all electric MINI Cooper S E. BMW seems to have taken notice and will be creating an all electric BMW 1 Series in a similar fashion according to Auto Express.

Electric BMW 1 series

The formula MINI used for the Cooper SE is one that is relatively cheap to engineer and bring to market. That approach has helped MINI keep costs down and offer a product that is relatively unique in the marketplace. The flexibility of the UKL and now the FAAR platforms will allow both brands to explore the option to develop more affordable and smaller electric vehicles.

BMW’s i Division Head, Robert Irlinger Told Auto Express; “Even in the front-drive architecture you will see fully electrified cars. You will see electrification in our whole portfolio. We can rework our front-wheel-drive as well as the rear-wheel-drive platforms and both are able to show all technologies – our customers have the power of choice.”

What about the i3? It’s proven too expensive to make and the engineering too complex to allow for flexibility needed these days. The all electric BMW 1 Series could hit the market as early as 2021 and would likely be seen and/or marketed as the i3s successor.