The story of driving across the United States as fast as you can has always been fascinating. From the early days of the Cannonball to the recent record shattering run, it’s a high stakes sport that combines cars, speed, and luck (not in that order).

Now there’s a documentary on those cross-country records that details various attempts including the famous 2006 drive by Alex Roy in his E39 BMW M5.

Cross-country race

Directed by highly respected automotive director JF Musial and written by our friend (and Jalopnik founder) Mike Spinelli, the film takes a look at various attempts at the record including never seen before archival footage.

Having just screened it I can tell you it’s as good as you would hope. You feel the drama and the insanity of these attempts in the archival footage and interviews. JF brings the tension and excitement of these attempts to life in a way that no story ever has been able to. Needless to say it’s a highly recommended watch.

Apex: The Secret Race Across America is now available on iTunes and Amazon.