Putting tougher a list of the best BMWs from 2019 is difficult in that there are so many great products from the company right now. But over a few beers and some healthy debates, we came to some consensus around the few that stood out.

Best BMWs

The Best Track Car: BMW M2 Competition.

Yes we would take this over the M4 CS. If we could only have one car dedicated to the track the M2c offers more accessible performance with an almost identical drivetrain. It’s also dramatically less money.

But bang for the buck isn’t the entire story. M has engineered magic into this car in a way that we haven’t seen since the 1M. Capable yet easily exploitable, the M2c resurrects a sweet spot for BMWM that gives us hope for the future.

BMW M850i

The Best Road-trip Car: BMW M850i.

This may be controversial but we would take the two door M850i on a road-trip over anything BMW produces – even the X7, 7 Series or even the Alpina B7. In short it has supreme comfort while offering relentless performance. The trunk is massive and the driving position and the cabin totally serene at 85 mph. Even the M8 comes up a bit short as it’s just a little too focused to be as comfortable while devouring endless miles.

BMW m5

The Best Overall Car: The BMW M5 Competition

617 hp and four doors says a lot. But what it doesn’t tell you as just how delicate a track weapon this car is. It also doesn’t convey how surprisingly easy this car is as a daily driver. In BMW’s long storied history there has never been another car that is better at the duality that great sport sedans can have.

3 series

The Best Overall Car Under $50k: The BMW 330i

It should not come as a surprise that the BMW 3 Series is a good car. But after driving an endless supply of crossovers, getting into the all new 3 Series sedan was a revelation. The driver focused engineering that has gone into this new 3er is evident within the first series of corners. While it’s grown in size, weight has been kept relatively low (for 2019 standards) and feedback has improved. Throw in all the modern tech you can imagine and you have an incredible car – perhaps the best single product BMW makes.

We’ll have ours with M Sport and the Track handling package please.