We’ve known for some time that the next generation BMW M2 was well on its way. The magic formula of a high-output engine mated to the smallest rear wheel drive car BMW sells has been one that has worked since the early 70’s. We’ve also heard from multiple sources that the new M2 would make use of the all new S58 twin-turbo inline six in from the X3M/X4M and the forthcoming M3 and M4. However thanks to Autocar we have confirmation on all of this plus a few more details.


BMW has downsized it’s range of offerings and in many ways that has been bad news for enthusiasts. However in one way it’s helped. For instance to simplify the business model BMW decided to drop the N55 from the M2 and just give it the engine it should have always had – the S55. Now BMW are looking to make the same call with the all new M2. Capable of over 500 hp, the S58 will likely be brought to market with around 420 hp according to Autocar.

But all might not be perfect for this next generation BMW M2. Due to a consolidation of platforms the 2 Series coupe will be based on a variation of CLAR platform that underpins everything from the Z4 to the 7 Series. That means the M2 will grow in size and undoubtedly weight.

However the CLAR platform does bring some notable tech to the M2. For one it has a 48V electrical architecture, which theoretically allows for features as throttle-off engine idling, regenerative braking and even electric power boost.


That last bit is notable because it could allow the next version of the S58 (which we hear will have a hybrid power boost function) to be dropped in a future M2 Competition.

The next generation 2 Series Coupe will debut next year with the M2 following in late 2021. US deliveries should commence in the spring of 2022.