You read it right. BMW is headed down a path with its digital services that would allow the car maker to offer everything from adaptive cruise and automatic high-beams to heated seats as a subscription service.

The options would be controlled by the updated version of the My BMW app and seamlessly integrated into your car. It’s unclear how and what exactly BMW will package and ultimately offer to the customer but what was clear is that BMW is very serious about this strategy.

It’s assumed that there would be a category of permanent options that relates to pricey hardware, a category that spans the life of your maintenance for warranty and others that are offered annually or monthly. According to our sources, each market will be defining those details.

What’s interesting is that BMW tried this before with CarPlay in 2018. Reaction was so swiftly negative that BMWNA backtracked on the program and now offers the feature as a typical vehicle option.

This time however BMW has built an entirely system around this concept. Will it launch in the US despite the inevitable backlash? Time will tell.