Automated eDrive Mode driving is a concept often talked about but until very recently it’s just been theoretical. The idea is simple. With CO2 emissions in mind, a car could switch from internal combustion to electric mode when entering a congested urban area. That idea is now a reality as BMW began rolling it out in specific European markets earlier this summer.

For the driver it works simply; when entering an eDrive zone, your BMW Plug-In Hybrid model will automatically switch to ELECTRIC. Depending on country, for selected Plug-In Hybrid models produced from 07/19 until 07/20 you can activate eDrive zones.

How to Turn on eDrive Mode

To turn on eDrive, the driver goes to the main menu, then to “APPS”, press “Option” on the iDrive controller and “Update apps and services”. After doing so, press “Installed Apps” and select “eDrive zone”. Make sure the box “eDrive zone” is checked to activate automatic switching to ELECTRIC in selected urban areas. Also make sure the box “Show on map” is checked so eDrive zones will be highlighted in colour on the map. In the eDrive zone application a list of the eDrive zones is displayed. The list of the eDrive zones is sorted by distance. When entering an eDrive zone, a mode change to ELECTRIC is performed and a banner is shown. When entering an eDrive zone with the driving mode ELECTRIC already active, only a banner is shown. ELECTRIC is not available when the transmission position is in M/S. When leaving an eDrive zone, a banner is shown and the standard mode is activated again.

Models with eDrive Zone

eDrive Zone is Available for the following models with BMW Live Cockpit Professional: 07/19 BMW 330e, BMW 745e, BMW X5 xDrive45e 07/20, BMW 530e 11/20.