The WSJ has a great article on BMW’s recent collaboration with Kith and some of Porsche’s recent marketing efforts. In short these brands are looking to connect with consumers in ways that they can relate to. The difference is that this is consumer that doesn’t hang car posters but instead pines for Yeezys and has never even seen a manual transmission.

Here’s an excerpt from the WSJ:

“However, for the 2020 partnerships, selling a car is not, the only (or even primary) objective; for the automobile brands, it’s also about targeting a young demographic that could someday evolve into a reliable customer base. As Uwe Dreher, head of marketing for at BMW North America put it, it doesn’t matter if the “people who buy the hoodie with the Kith BMW logo….also buy the car.” As he said in an interview before the launch, many of Kith’s shoppers aren’t even old enough to drive. The partnership is also about building awareness.”

You can read the entire article here.