The BMW M3 and M4 configurator is live and ready for you to waste some hours on. While pricing and options have been available for awhile, this is the first time we’re all able to play with the various combinations and model flavors available.

Some early insights and opinions:

  • The M3 continues to look much better to us than the overall raked M4.
  • The carbon buckets are a fairly good value at $3800 compared to the similar option from Porsche (which retails for $5900).
  • The ability to change the color of your calipers is a nice touch and (thankfully) costs nothing.
  • It’s interesting to see BMW begin to move to a much more cloth based seat for the standard seat in both of these cars. To us it’s the right move (over leatherette) but we wonder how it will play with the leather obsessed North American market.
M4 Configurator

In general we can’t help but wonder if BMW has missed a chance to re-brand the standard manual transmission/RWD M3 and M4 given that they are the more direct link to the past. For the uninitiated they’re just the standard M3 and M4 but in reality they represent a more visceral experience that is very rare in today’s automotive world.

BMWUSA Configurator | M3

BMWUSA Configurator | M4