The new BMW M3 & M4 are massively important to BMW enthusiasts in that they represent the pinnacle of driver focused engineering. As you can imagine that engineering is complex. So complex that BMW M has created a series of videos that dive into the technical details of the cars and describe the key benefits we’ll see on the road and track.

The series is eight videos in total explaining everything from performance and weight to brakes and seats. Highly recommended for those looking to get a detailed look at these exceptional cars.

The all new BMW M3 and M4 represent massive leaps in performance, technology and overall capability. Yes they’ve got questionable aesthetics and have moved away from the purity of their roots with an automatic transmission and all wheel drive. But dig deeper and you’ll find that no car BMW has ever offered is designed to appeal to so many different types of enthusiasts. Can it succeed? Time will tell. But one thing that cannot be questioned is the lengths that BMW has gone to to make it successful. 

It started with the current 3 Series which was redesigned from the ground-up to provide more engagement in a world of digital enhanced driving. And then there’s the M5 and M8 that followed up – both allowed BMW to test new tech and learn how to create compelling and engaging driving experiences with xDrive and the ZF 8 speed (both of which are options in the new M3 and M4). 

But not everything is new and digital. M has retained the manual transmission and rear wheel drive on the base M3 and M4 as a nod to the car’s origins (both of which rivals have long abandoned).

Inside we’ve never seen an M car quite like it. There’s the typical ergonomically design cockpit, big screens and plenty of leather. But new are some outlandish M Carbon bucket seats with structure-based design that save weight (numbers are coming) and will likely cost as much as a used E36.

Also on offer is the M Race Track Package which packages up all the weight reducing options. In total it reduces vehicle weight by around 55 lbs thanks to including M Carbon ceramic brakes, special M light-alloy wheels and M Carbon bucket seats.

The all new BMW M3 and M4 will arrive in showrooms this March with MSRPs of 69,900 and $71,800 respectively.