Today is a day that only comes along every seven years. The 2022 BMW M3 and M4 reviews have dropped across the internet giving us our first real look at this all important M car. While COVID has impacted our ability to bring you our first drive, a handful of outlets (especially those in the UK and Europe) have had time in both the M3 and M4 and have early verdicts. Let’s check them out.

Let’s start with the written reviews which is where you’ll find the best insights on these cars.

M3 And M4 Reviews



Next the videos and first up is Chris Harris and Top Gear. We’ve been huge fans of Harris for well over a decade, but this review feels a bit less resolved than others down the page.

Next up is Carfection with Henry Catchpole. Formally of EVO, Harry has always been one of our favorite automotive writers but he’s also grown into one of our favorite at producing great videos that cut through jargon and get straight to the execution of the and its capabilities. This one may be out favorite of the group.

Auto Express reviewers Steve Sutcliffe is next with a great look at the car with (again excellent) dissection of the parts and pieces that make up these cars. The production itself is also excellent and clear step-up from previous Auto Express reviews. It may not have as many drifty moments as Top Gear’s but this is a must watch.

Of course great production doesn’t necessarily make great videos (lord knows ours don’t fit into that high production category). So with that caveat here are a selection of our favorites for those who want to dig deeper on the new 2022 BMW M3 and M4 reviews.