The all new BMW App is finally launching in the US and it’s a major improvement that has the ability to play a larger role in everyday BMW ownership. From remote vehicle functionality to interfacing with electric BMWs more effectively, the new BMW App looks offer more usable everyday functionality while staying simple to use.

However perhaps the bigger benefit is that the app is now built onto of a all new scalable universal architecture that will allow for quicker updates across both iOS and Android.

The My BMW App will become available April 12, 2021 to U.S. customers on both iOS and Android compatible mobile devices; the BMW Connected app will be fully replaced by the My BMW App at the end of June 2021.

Here are a few of the highlights that are core to the new BMW App:

  • Remote Software Upgrade notifications: customers can receive notifications for Remote Software Upgrades via the My BMW App and can easily download these upgrades at home before transferring and installing them in the vehicle. With Remote Software Upgrades, BMW will offer customers new and improved digital features for BMW iDrive 7 on a regular basis.
  • The BMW Digital Key, which turns an iPhone into a vehicle key, offers convenient set-up via the My BMW App in just a few steps for vehicles equipped with the corresponding feature. The BMW can then be used without a physical key and this access can be shared with up to five other people. If desired, the driver can set safety parameters, such as a reduced maximum speed, when sending a key.
  • Amazon Alexa integration is now available in BMW models with BMW iDrive 7 and adds “wake-word” functionality where applicable for entirely hands-free operation. The voice service also remains available for vehicles with BMW iDrive 5 and 6.
  • The Climate Timer allows pre-conditioning of vehicles with electrified drive systems – by heating the interior in winter and cooling it in summer, for example.
  • The filter function for charging station search makes it easy to find suitable charging facilities during a journey by quickly adding or removing various search parameters (preferred, compatibility, Fast charge, etc.).
  • The Maps tab now offers greater ease of use and enhanced performance, featuring quick filters for charging stations, parking locations, fuel stations and BMW service centers. Further improvements have also been made to route calculation.
BMW app


BMW announced today the all-new My BMW App, providing customers with the ultimate in connectivity and digital services for their vehicles. The new app succeeds the BMW Connected app and builds on its seamless feature integration with several new functionalities, improved Amazon Alexa integration, and more. Customers can also manage their BMW Financial Services accounts through the My BMW App. The My BMW App will become available to U.S. customers in mid-April 2021.

The My BMW App is the new universal interface to a BMW vehicle. It displays information on the status of the vehicle, and depending on the equipment, allows functions to be activated remotely (incl. locating the vehicle, locking/unlocking the doors, monitoring the vehicle surroundings using the Remote 3D View function), and houses all of a customer’s BMW information and accounts in one place. The My BMW App’s new design increases clarity and ease-of-use, ensuring a seamless user experience. BMW Financial Services is seamlessly integrated; customers can view their accounts, make payments, view account history, enroll in paperless statements and more, within the My BMW App.