The M Division is turning 50 next year and BMW is planning on celebrating with several limited edition models and plenty of pomp and circumstance.

One of the first out of the date will be the all new BMW M2. Sources are telling us that the special edition M2 will essentially be a launch edition that will comprise the first few months of production. Expect special badging and design details (likely trim) along with a specified group of options (likely performance oriented).

BMW M 50th Anniversary

Next will be the M4 CSL. We’ve seen the spy shots and heard the rumors but what no one is talking about is that the M4 CSL will be the centerpiece of the celebration. As the obvious heir apparent to the 3.0 CSL, the M4 CSL will be positioned as not just a throwback to that car but perhaps even the pinnacle of the classic petrol powered, rear wheel drive M cars. That last part is key as we’re told the CSL will ditch the xDrive system in order to save weight.

BMW M 50th anniversary special editions will likely be announced as part of a specific event and will likely center around May of 2022 (which will be exactly 50 years since M was founded). However don’t be surprised to see BMW leverage the anniversary in the form of various events celebrated globally over the entire 2022 calendar year. And the M2 and M4 CSL might be just the start. We expect BMW to have a few more surprises ready for the celebration.