The all electric BMW i4 is BMW’s marks a major step for the brand being the first all electric sedan. As production gets ready to ramp-up in November BMWNA is giving us a full walk-through of the car.

The i4 comes in two flavors in the US. First up is the eDrive40 with 335 hp, rear-wheel drive and an estimated range of around 300 miles. On the high-end there’s the i4 M50 with 536 hp, all-wheel drive and a range up to 245 miles. They retail for $55,400 and $65,900 for M50 respectively. On paper the Model 3 kills both in value but with a few options things get slightly closer. But we always knew that BMW would never win on value or range given Tesla’s head-start. Where BMW can win is in quality, design, customer service and of course performance.

2023 BMW i4

Of course there’s more to it but for many of us, we’ve been waiting for the BMW version of what Tesla promises. In short the i4 looks promising. While we won’t know until we drive it later this year, we do like what we see.

Look for the U.S. market launch around March of 2022. Read on for the full gallery, press release and official specifications.