The German publication Auto Motor Und Sport has a wide ranging and surprisingly open Q&A with outgoing M Boss Markus Flasch in the the latest issue. In it Flasch discusses a wide range of topics on the record and in some surprisingly candid ways. Here are some of the highlights:

Flasch confirms what we’ve all known for awhile – that the M4 CSL is coming. It will be a two seat M4 with a curb weight around 100 kg less than the standard model. He also goes on record in saying we will see a standalone M Car and clearly hints at a large crossover. Sources tell us that that will be a four door coupe version of the X7 likely called the XM.

Monterey Car Week 2016

Also interesting is how happy he was to finally merge BMW M and BMW Motorsports into one division. And on that topic Flasch reveals that the forthcoming LeMas prototype project will likely use an M5 derived V8.

On the topic of full electric M cars Flasch says we’ll see something in the Neue Class range which is still several years off. Finally on the question of downsizing engines to meet emissions standards, he’s confident BMW won’t need. Even the future V8 engines will be compliant and will continue.

You can read the entire interview (in German) here: Auto Motor Und Sport.