The 50th anniversary celebrations aren’t over yet for the M brand. As we’ve reported previously, the crescendo will be a (very) limited edition model intended to harken back to the origins of the brand. With the original 3.0 CSL as its inspiration, BMW will create an extremely limited edition M4 3.0 CSL made exclusively with a manual transmission. But the key word will be limited as the total production is rumored to be only 50 cars.

The BMW M4 3.0 CSL will be based on the CSL but with a couple of key differences. For starters the car will have evolved styling and a reduced kidney grille upfront. Taking many cues from the 3.0 CSL Homage R concept we’ll also see a simplified design language which we hear will point towards the future of M products.

Beneath the surface is where things get interesting. The car will be available exclusively with a manual transmission and the same 560 hp S58 found in the CSL. How did BMW find a manual that can accept the torque you ask? Either they’ve sourced an entirely new Getrag for a 50 car run (unlikely) or they tuned the torque down while keeping the horsepower up.

Stay tuned for more details as they emerge.