The BMW M5 Wagon (aka Touring) is back! BMW M GmbH has officially confirmed the introduction of a Touring variant to its model range with the new edition of the BMW M5, as part of its ongoing product offensive extending into 2024. Like the recently released M3 Touring, the forthcoming BMW M5 Touring promises to deliver a perfect fusion of M-typical performance, uncompromising long-distance comfort, and impressive spaciousness. Only this one is rumored tk be US bound.

Both the future BMW M5 Sedan and the Touring variant will feature a newly developed partially electrified drive system rumored to develop around 700 hp. This innovative powertrain, combined with an M Division chassis and drive systems, will enhance dynamics and agility as you’d expect. Can it overcome the expected weight of the hybrid system? We won’t know until early drives next year.

For almost four decades, the BMW M5 has epitomized driving dynamics, agility, and precision in the high-performance sedan segment. Continual evolution, racing expertise, and pioneering innovations in areas such as drive, suspension, aerodynamics, and lightweight construction have shaped the legacy of the BMW M5. Technological milestones, including engines with six, eight, and ten cylinders, M TwinPower Turbo technology, compound brake systems with M Carbon ceramic brakes, and M xDrive four-wheel drive, have consistently redefined top performance in a sedan designed for everyday use. The seventh generation of the BMW M5 builds upon this legacy with more of everything.

While they’re rumors at this point, we have heard from two sources that BMWNA is looking into bringing this new generation M5 wagon to the US. While nothing is confirmed, the reaction to the new M3 Wagon and the continued success of the Audi DS6 Avant seems to prove that there’s a market.

The BMW M5 Touring made its debut in 1992, based on the second-generation BMW M5 Sedan, combining high performance with practicality. In 2007, BMW M GmbH introduced a Touring variant for the fourth-generation BMW M5. The recent successful launch of the first BMW M3 Competition Touring with M xDrive further demonstrates the strong appeal of this special vehicle concept in the premium midrange segment of high-performance cars.

Testing of the new BMW M5 Touring will commence in the coming days, encompassing urban traffic, country roads, and motorways around Munich, as well as at the BMW M GmbH headquarters in Garching. Comprehensive assessments, including the integration of all drive and suspension systems, will be conducted at various locations, including the Nürburgring’s Nordschleife. These tests aim to achieve an ideal balance between sporting performance on the racetrack and superior ride comfort for everyday driving and long-distance journeys.