Today, BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, and American Honda Motor Co., Inc. are announcing their partnership in creating ChargeScape, LLC. This new company, equally owned by the three giants, aims to make electric vehicles (EVs) more accessible and beneficial for everyone in the U.S. and Canada.

ChargeScape will serve as a bridge connecting electric utilities, automakers, and enthusiastic EV customers through a user-friendly platform. This initiative promises to bring significant advantages to both EV users and the electric utility industry.

2023 BMW i4 ChargeScape

With the pending regulatory approvals, ChargeScape is expected to start operating early next year. This endeavor builds upon years of collaboration in the electric vehicle sector, focusing on simplifying the interaction between car manufacturers and electric utilities.

The platform will enable electric utilities to tap into the energy stored in a wide array of EVs, offering EV users the chance to save money by charging at optimal times. Moreover, it will open up the possibility for EV owners to contribute energy back to the grid during peak demand periods through vehicle-to-grid (V2G) applications.

ChargeScape will play a pivotal role in optimizing the use of plugged-in EV batteries, providing valuable energy data to electric utilities. This data will assist in managing demand, aligning charging with off-peak hours, and making more renewable energy available.

This initiative comes at a time of rapid growth in the electric vehicle industry, posing new challenges for the electric grid. ChargeScape aims to help address these challenges, enhance grid resiliency, and pave the way for future V2G capabilities while reducing carbon footprints.

Furthermore, by utilizing renewable energy sources like wind and solar, ChargeScape will contribute to greening the grid. Importantly, EV users will retain control over their charging and energy decisions throughout this process.

Thomas Ruemenapp, Vice President of Engineering at BMW of North America, expressed his optimism about ChargeScape, emphasizing its role in advancing smart charging solutions nationwide.

Bill Crider, global head of charging and energy services at Ford Motor Company, highlighted the potential benefits for both utilities and EV customers through ChargeScape’s vehicle-to-grid services.

Jay Joseph, Vice President of Sustainability & Business Development at American Honda Motor Co., Inc., underscored the importance of this platform in achieving carbon neutrality and promoting renewable energy usage.

Collaborating through ChargeScape will also bring managed charging benefits to more EV customers and reduce marketing costs for utilities. The partnership with automakers will allow for easier identification of EV customers within their service territories.

ChargeScape plans to provide managed charge scheduling through vehicle connectivity, eliminating the need for Wi-Fi-enabled charging stations and making grid services accessible to all EV users.

BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, and American Honda welcome other automakers to join this initiative and unlock the full potential of ChargeScape’s grid service offerings once it becomes operational. Together, they aim to drive positive change for customers, society, and the industry by promoting greater use of renewable energy in mobility.