About BimmerFile


Gabriel Bridger /// Founding Editor

I created BimmerFile as a place where enthusiasts could gather daily to read, learn and talk about the cars they love. The site is dedicated to bringing you the most interesting news, links and reviews related to the BMW brand and it’s vehicles.

We love the brand and the products but we don’t bow down to it. We believe in the old school BMW ownership experience as much as the new. We believe in garage nights with a six pack and some friends. We believe in 2002s, in E30 M3s and E34 540s with a 6 speed. We believe in progress in both design and engineering but we haven’t lost sight of what made the brand and its products great all those years ago. And yes, we believe in the sanctity of the manual transmission.

We long for the days of the wave and for the days of roll-up windows. Yet we love the gadgets on the inside and the xenons on the outside.

This is BimmerFile. Kick the tires and stay awhile.


Michael Pezzullo /// Editor

Since I was a little kid I have always been fascinated by thing that “Go”, from Big Wheels to bikes and onto ATVs and finally cars. I grew up with cars and what special cars they were.

I have restored and modded many German cars in my life but a few years back I came to the realization that the Audis, MBs, and VWs just are not the same as the weiss mit blau on the hood. My wife and I have been lucky enough to experience Europe Delivery numerous times and know how much more the experience adds to a BMW (something everyone should consider!). We are now living in Bavaria and get to experience what it means to drive in Germany on a daily basis- this also allows me to drive cars the US may never see and provide commentary on just that.

I have a deep passion for cars and an uncanny ability to obtain information through contacts and flat out research. My friends tell me I am a cesspool of useless information; that is unless you happen to be a BMW fan. While I am a diehard BMW fan, I am not a Kool-Aid drinker, so my opinions are open and honest (sometimes brutally honest).

We hope that you enjoy this site and that we can fulfill your daily BMW fix.